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vision & Mission

Vision: To become the world's number one one-stop-shop for marketing solutions.

Mission: “We trust and believe that our first and only responsibility is to serve and deliver the optimum and exclusive marketing solutions and assistance to our clients as well as developing a platform for the realization of others’ dreams."

Our team

Kobina Abaka-kwansa


Kobina is a multipotentialite with 6+ years of experience with expertise in all facets of business development, marketing management, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and project management in various industries. He has a Proven track record in providing sound business advice to support business objectives and deliver excellent organizational performance in both high growth and turnaround situations with absolute integrity. He is Skilled in collaborating with all members of the organization to achieve business, marketing and digital objectives. He has been Instrumental in streamlining and improving processes, enhancing productivity, and implementing marketing and technology solutions within local and international organizations. He holds an MBA(Management Information Systems) and a BSc. Business Administration Degree (Marketing) . He loves to travel and believes that his success is in solving problems, developing new relationships, meeting new people, contributing to the overall growth of individuals and businesses around the world and improving lives in Africa. 


  • MBA (Management Information Systems)

  • BSc. Business Administration (Marketing Option)

Eyram Nunekpeku



Eyram holds a Bsc. in Marketing from Central University with professional certifications from the Institute of Commercial Management UK in Marketing.With 5+ years of experience in marketing strategy, digital marketing, corporate social responsibility and consultation. An organizational team player with a strong believe in the power of collaborative efforts to achieve success. Key accomplishments in providing marketing solutions for businesses in various sectors to help accelerate growth. Skilled in digital content production, content creation and implementing effective roll out strategies. Possess acute marketing acumen and technical proficiency in MS Office Suite, Adobe Photoshop, Hootsuite and Slack.I have interests in social work,technology,agriculture,music and travel.


  • BSc. Business Administration (Marketing Option)

Samuel Adofo Agyepong




Stories form the foundation upon which lives and societies are built and as an ardent advocate of this truth, Sam has dedicated 5+ years to telling the stories of business brands, NGO’S, governments and individuals through film making and photography. 

With a reputation and a track record to speak for him, he has effectively communicated both new and existing brands to their audiences with significant boost in engagements and or sales. He has also through creativity, skill and sensitivity to the topic of discussion shown governments’ intentions, works and progress made on projects to its citizens also with tremendous engagements with a sense of understanding and appreciation. He has helped NGO’s reach their objectives through captivating documentaries.

He skilled in directing, cinematography, photography and in post production facets like retouching, film editing, color grading and motion graphics.

He holds a BSc Business Administration Degree (Accounting) with a number or online course certificates in filmmaking and post production. 

He loves to visit new places, watch documentaries and meet and hear stories from people from around the world.


  • BSc. Business Administration (Accounting Option)

Daniel Hanson



Daniel is a detail-oriented individual having 7+ years of experience with proficiency in operations, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, IT support solutions, human resource management. Good record in providing sound business advice to support business objectives, constructing, managing the organization's operating and capital budget and expenses. Delivering excellent organizational performance in both development, growth and change situations with outright reliability. Experienced in collaborating with all members of the organization to achieve business, operational and digital objectives. Instrumental in restructuring and improving processes, enhancing productivity, and implementing technological solutions. Instrumental insight and Technical proficiency in MS Office, Microsoft Project, Mail Chimp, Slack and Trello


  • BSc. Business Administration (Human Resource Management)






Daniel Francis Maestro Allotey-Annan, a versatile young man with 4+ experience in digital marketing. He has led various social media campaigns including #thenewafricanmind, #career101, #centralbookfair amongst others that were successful. He is a team player and doesn’t mind assisting other teammates in various capacities. He holds a BSc. Business Administration Degree (Human Resource Management). He is a great lover of music and writes music himself. He also loves adventure travels and exploring. He believes highly in the power of teamwork and team effort and also in collaboration and partnerships


  • BSc. Business Administration (Human Resource Management Option)

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